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Basic example not working in my server/with my assets

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That is a really really simple example that works ok with the providen url


boxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("http://babylonjsguide.github.io/img/", scene, ["cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg", "cubeSide_nx.jpg"]);

but fails using my own server 

boxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("http://www.motivacg.com/temporal/victor/CubeBabylon/", scene, ["SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg", "SalonA_nx.jpg"]);

Obviously you can get the SalonA_nx.jpg file without problem using that url.

Any tip about this? thank you in advance and sorry for being such newbie!

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29 minutes ago, brianzinn said:

You need to setup CORS on your images, if you want them to work in the playground (ie: put them on github).  The good news is that it will work on the same server without CORS.

Don't be sorry for being a newbie - we all started somewhere.  Much better to be a newbie and learn new things :)

Thank you so much! it worked like a charm.

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