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PhysicsHelper updraft does not work

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Is a ground impostor required in the scene to make updraft work? Also what could a ground impostor in the scene have to do with getting debug data for the helper? The docs mention nothing of this as far as I can tell. 

Also, the getData stil does not work even with your ground impostor: 


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No, but there has to be at least one imposter in the scene because of it's definition -

 e.prototype.updraft = function(e, t, i, r, n) {
                if (void 0 === n && (n = a.Center),
                    return f.Tools.Warn("Physics engine not enabled. Please enable the physics before you call the PhysicsHelper."),
                if (0 === this._physicsEngine.getImpostors().length)
                    return null;
                var o = new s(this._scene,e,t,i,r,n);
                return o.dispose(!1),

Imposters basically allows interaction between the physics engine and the objects. May be someone can explain it better.
The getData was not working because the imposter had 0 mass, here have a look - https://playground.babylonjs.com/indexStable.html#JTDQ4I#3

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