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Preload Images in Dynamic Texture with Canvas Method

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Hi all,

I am doing a test to a client who ask me to build a dynamic using a sequence of 3D rendered images, I told him than that is not the right way in WebGl, the correct is to convert the 3D objects and use than. But he said than right now they can not do that.

So I tryed to use Dynamic Texture with canvas method and it works, but I wanna know if somebody knows a way to preload the sequence of images in BJS, to get better? Because I think that has a delay right now about the loading issue.

You can see it here



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Create your image only buttons in a loop and, except the first one, set their isVisible button to false. When rotating through images set the one showing as isVisible = false and the one to show to isVisible = true.

However I must say that to do it as your cliant wants I would just use standard HTML, pre-load the images and use the visibility property in the same way WebGL and Babylon.js seems like overkill.

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