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ES6 + Phaser is great

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Here's the scenario, 1 to 5 animals attack the boss, then the boss attacks each animal. This is the code using async/wait


await this.attackBoss(this.seat1);
if (this.seats.length >= 2) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat2); }
if (this.seats.length >= 3) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat3); }
if (this.seats.length >= 4) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat4); }
if (this.seats.length >= 5) { await this.attackBoss(this.seat5); }
await this.bossAttack(this.seat1);
if (this.seats.length >= 2) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat2); }
if (this.seats.length >= 3) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat3); }
if (this.seats.length >= 4) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat4); }
if (this.seats.length >= 5) { await this.bossAttack(this.seat5); }

The above code takes a few seconds for all the animations to complete. Using promises to end the await part once the animations finish.


attackBoss(seat) {
  return new Promise(resolve => {
      targets: seat,
      x: this.bossSeat.x,
      ease: 'Sine',
      duration: 500,
      yoyo: true,
      onYoyo: () => {
      onComplete: () => {

I might make a goldilocks es6 boilerplate for phaser 3. Mostly just adding async to generator babel plugin to already existing boilerplates. babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator

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