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General GUI troubles

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Great conversation, guys - thx for your work/tests/fixes!

Is THAT border acting correctly?  Just curious.  It sort-of looks like border and background are on different z-layers.  Cool.  More on that... far below.  (oh no!)

Wingnut mentally wanders-off...

I'm still thinkin' that...  "border" (and thickness) needs to be a control of its own.

When GUI borderControl is invented, we get a PILE of versatility, and the world of currentMeasure (for other controls) becomes much less stressful to the GUI author - mainly DeltaFlyer.

The borderControl would be very "extensible", whatever that means.  Once it becomes a separate control, the world of fancy borders and marquis and a bunch of other animated and fancy crap... comes into view.  When you need a borderControl added to ANY other control-type, you push that borderControl into the targetControl's .adornments array.

'Adornments' becomes a whole new area... to add "features" to any control.  Add-ons.  Layers.  Even a borderControl... used mostly as an "adornment control"... has an .adornments array.

Or maybe... 'adornments' are not really a control AT ALL.  They are adornments.  :)  Similar to behaviors.

BorderAdornments might have a property to set whether the border... SURROUNDS the target control area (blocking no targetControl surface area)... or OVERLAYS it (blocks edges of the targetControl surface).

I dunno.  Adornments would be add-ons.  Things like... "graying-out" an inactive GUI button, could be done with an overlay adornment.  A big red "X" across a button, easy, by attaching an adornment.  One adornment can be used on MANY controls... just put a ref to the adornment... in the control's .adornments array.  Controls could be told to ignore the adornment if the .build call to the adornmentObject... fails or times-out (possibly because the adornmentObj/Func 404'd when retrieving a web texture/svg it needed).

Adornment controls could be designed... ready to animate... and can be told to start animating as soon as they are put into a targetControl's .adornments array.

Rounded border corners could be troubles, though.  Round-corner borders need to remove/re-paint background textures/colors... of the targetControl.  In that case, the adornmentControl is SERIOUSLY imposing itself (forcing things) upon the targetControl.  But, I guess an overlayed (non-surrounding) square-corner border... would also re-paint the edges on the targetControl.  *shrug* 

I really don't know enough about the layering possibilities of a GUI control (and isBlocking hassles thereof).

Perhaps... two types of adornments?  Those that need to modify the targetControl paint-job, and those that don't?  intrusive/non-intrusive?  hmm.

Just crazy talk, huh?  :)  I get that way when I watch Saturday morning cartoons and drink too much over-powered coffee.

Hey NRA... sorry that the recent GUI upgrades caused stress... about client deadlines/criteria.  We don't like to see that happen.  We hope you are still on-timeline.

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