If you can walk without stepping on the line,the Earth will be saved!

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Walk without stepping on the line!
The time limit is randomly from 15 seconds to one minute. Extend the record as long as possible.Once the walking distance per meter the earth will be saved (it is supposed to be). Even if the earth is safely saved, you will not get items or proceed to the next level. Even so, you should be happy that the earth was saved anyway.If you step on the line  the distance is invalid and it will not be recorded. And the Earth will be destroyed once (it is supposed to be!).






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I set a new personal best 29m a while ago.I'm happy!
I played this game hundreds of times but I'm still poor player.I succeed still only once in ten times.

"change time limit" that's nice.
-Bonus time is added at checkpoint.
-Bonus time is added when stepping on some items.
Is it like this?

I think that there are quite a lot of features that can be added to this game.I have no idea how to handle it from which!

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