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Hello game devs!

I've been working on the game for a while to bring an alternative accessible approach to playing Catan online. We currently have about 15-30 people online at any time.

I'm sure you guys will have some great feedback for the game, feel free to post them or send me a message about anything that's broken or that you think the game needs. We try to update the game once a week.

Here is the foreseeable roadmap:
- Color Optimizations
- Game Ending Screen Revamp
- Game Trading Screen Revamp
- User Profiles & Stats
- Ladder & Ranked Games

Tech used are: node.js, typescript, ws, pixi.js

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On 12/17/2018 at 3:20 AM, titotu said:

Great job! Is it just an online version of original Catan or has some unique features?

Thanks, it is very close to the original version at the moment. Unique features will be added soon. 

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3 hours ago, pandaroux12 said:

Just played a game and I could only press the trade button if I was in full screen mode(f11) Just a small fix but overall a good game!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you provide a screenshot? Also what is the size of your monitor?

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The game has come a long way since 2 months ago. Our latest version patch notes is as below. Full patch notes can be seen here. Any feedback is appreciated. 


Version 22 - 06 Feb 2019
- Added private room option ( Thanks Frederic & Thomas & timbosliceAFC & Shafticus )

- Increased the animation speed of cards ( Thanks timbosliceAFC & Mitch & Wilmot)

- Added a rematch button at the End Game screen 🌅

- Improved design of End Game screen 🌅

- Made game files load faster


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