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Please have a look at my game "Rocketate"

This is a platformer rotation where you can jump on a jetpack and rotate the world

If you encountered any bugs please report it in this thread.

People on Newgrounds reports about some bugs, but meanwhile I can't reproduce them




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Thank you! Does this bug happen repeatedly and is easy to reproduce? What OS and browser are you using?

This is so awesome you've nailed this bug, because some players wrote me about it but I can't reproduce it.

And yeah, your guess is correct the reason is physics system, namely my custom written collision detection system.

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Hey, I just found physics bug that's easy to reproduce. Load level four and rotate it twice to the left and twice to the right, each time wait for all the objects finish moving. After that player character will fall down from the top right corner to the box below and push it through this long wooden plank. Then you can mess with these things even more and everything will start bouncing around :)




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