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[WIP] Sky Knight - 8 Hour Game Jam

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Sky Knight is one of the games that was done during our "one day" game jam.


This game essentially begun as a reverse Ridiculous Fishing. Get up, score on your way down.

Sky Knight is still rough around the edges and very unbalanced. There are no menus, no tutorial and no propper Android controls (sorry). Try to enjoy it anyways :).



Play Sky Knight




You control a knight that gets catapulted into the air to fight dragons!

Acent as high into the air as possible. Kill all dragons on your way down. Open your parashute bevor you hit the ground.




On dekstop, control the Knight using your Mouse. Click to catapult, move by moving the cursor. Open the parashute by clicking again.


On mobile (iOS), press to acent, tilt your device to move the Knight. Press again to open the parashute.




The graphics werde done by André Engelmann ( www.andre-engelmann.de ).



Your feedback is welcome.







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That rage when you get instantly catapulted into a dragon...

Nice game and great graphics!

Sometimes though my score was 0 although I speared a multitude of dragons and did not crashland.


Haha. Thank you.

The score not getting displayed is one of those pre-beta bugs. We hadn't had enough time to properly test / debug the game yet.

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