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I've been working on my pseudo-3D ray-casting engine and I think it's time for some feedback. This is a 3rd person dungeon crawler game. You play as a Warlock on a quest to save your princess Evil Lord from those no-good humans. You must defeat 5 dungeon bosses to win the game. Each defeated boss grants you an additional minion to summon in battle (5 total). Each summoned minion costs health. The Warlock slowly regenerates health over time, but player/minion damage to enemies heals the Warlock. The dungeons are spread across a hub map, The Forest. The game is made entirely from vanilla JavaScript (no libraries or frameworks or engines), HTML5, and CSS3.

Game Link: Click Here To Play

I've currently only completed 3 of the 5 dungeons. In ascending order of difficulty: Goblins, Elves, Nature. Not sure what Dungeon 4 enemies will be, but Dungeon 5 will be the humans who defeated your Evil Lord and defeating this dungeon will win the game. Each dungeon has 2 unique standard enemies and 1 unique boss.

The Big Things To-Do List:

  • Dungeon 4 & boss
  • Dungeon 5 & boss
  • Music
  • Balancing

I would like feedback in these specific areas, but all feedback is welcome:

  • Performance
  • Mobile/Touch Controls
  • Game Difficulty
  • Is it fun to play?
  • Programmer art aside, is it visually appealing/interesting?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback.




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I'm playing on an Android Pixel 2. Performance is totally smooth. Thanks for including touch controls!

The main issue I have is that the enemies are shorter than me, and I'm opaque, so I can't see if they're dead or not when they're close to me, or behind a minion. It's also hard to tell if my missiles are hitting them or not, when they're far away.

I tend to oversteer when aiming at distant enemies. Maybe consider more analog-like turning controls for touch and mouse users, and/or more of a velocity ramp-up on buttons, so that short button/key taps can be used for fine aim controls, while longer presses can still steer quickly.

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Thank you both for the feedback! It's very appreciated. I've updated the game with your suggestions.

@aaryte, those are some excellent suggestions! I can't believe I didn't think to add acceleration to the turn speed. The acceleration can be changed in the options menu now. A virtual joystick would still be better, but for a quick fix I think it's helping. I also made the player and summons a little shorter and slightly transparent to help fighting in melee range. The Warlock's primary attack has a very limited range (3 blocks) to keep the player in the battle. Definitely needs some tinkering.

@MerryArcade, fully agree. I did plan on adding some flora/fauna to help spruce up the maps as they're a little drab, but haven't gotten around to it just yet. Art has not been my greatest strength in this project, but I think you're right: adding some bits here and there would make a significant improvement.

My current game plan is to bang out the last 2 dungeons and get to work on polishing the game. I was thinking about adding things like a map and quest markers as well as graphics and sound improvements. Should keep me busy for a while.

Thanks again for the feedback. Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to coding.


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Nice Game!

I've often considered games that flip the morality of the story around to make the protagonist the villain to be more congruent in their narrative. Too often games go out of their way to explain that you are to be the savior of it's mythical land, only to then send you out on a protracted murder spree. As in "You are the hero of light and goodness, now go forth and KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES!" So if your character is going to be a violent war-monger, it actually makes more sense to be the bad-guy of the story.

I realize you are working with what probably amounts to place-holder graphics, so I'll focus on the gameplay, which was pretty cool. The game performed well, from controls to frame rate and stability. And it was quite fun to wipe out the elves, and the nature kingdom. (I was actually disappointed to find that dwarves and humans didn't have a kingdom to wipe out yet.)

The first time I played it a few days ago, the keyboard controls were VERY slow, but when I gave it another try today it was perfect. I'd say the gameplay and difficulty are pretty well balanced, and was rather fun to play. (With the occasional "Mwuhaha" of laughter.)

As for what to add, there's obviously a lot. A mini-map would be a great addition to start. Higher quality sounds and more miscellaneous decorative items would be great to keep it from seeming too repetitive. 

Finally, a few death animations for the enemies would really ramp up the malevolent feel of wiping out the forces of goodness.

I had a lot of fun with it. Good Luck!

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