What game engine/framework do you use?

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Curious to see what game engine/framework you use to create your games.

I started out using pixi.js, then tried a few more, but in the end it took me too much time to work around the limitations of these engines to be worthwhile. I wanted a very simple/limited and highly optimized engine, so in the end I created my own.


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Phaser and Babylon are both very popular here, popular enough to have their own forums. There are others that have their own subs as well.

Unity, GameMaker Studio and Construct are also mentioned a lot which are more integrated environments than frameworks like Phaser and Babylon.

I wouldn't call Pixi a framework, its a module that forms part of a framework (or application architecture).

I find the following useful for classification:

* With modules you own the architecture and you (as developer) employ the modules to perform specific tasks

* Frameworks own the application and you (as dev) are afforded windows into the architecture in which to work

Depending on which of the 2 above you find yourself most agreeing with will usually dictate your enjoyment of using either smaller, focussed modules or larger, more powerful frameworks.

Generally speaking, using a framework will be faster as they have come up with solutions to common problems when structuring applications, or, in our case, specific applications, namely games. Generally they aren't super-flexible and you really have to agree with their solutions or you end up fighting them to get work done, you really have to buy-in to the structure and philosophy of the framework to get the most out of using one. If you do that then they can be very powerful and allow you (as dev) to focus on your game logic rather than lower level stuff like app structure, rendering pipelines or input massaging.

Frameworks, by their nature, may start out fairly simple, but, they tend to be kitchen-sink so they consume more and more commonality in order to increase their usefulness. Modules (or libraries) are the opposite, they take one problem and solve it, its up to you to bolt them together, this gives you flexibility but is generally time consuming.

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For html5 game engines within coding:

I tried using Phaser 2, 3 and panda engine.
Babylon.js still learning.
Phaser is so many tutorials ,examples and game templates on internet.
It is very easy for beginner to learn Phaser.

Panda2 is much better than Phaser 3 actually, It has a more powerfull editor that will let you preview your game, export an android or IOS platform and make your coding even faster..
(for phaser you need to use Third-party software)

But it is not free and too few tutorials and examples. the trial version is not enough to complete a complicated game and you need license key to download plugins and game templates.

so Panda2 is not suitable for beginner.

I think Phaser 3 have great potentialities, it will surpass Panda in the future.

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I study:

  • Phaser
  • Pixi.js
  • Babylon.js
  • Three.js
  • Unity WebGL and Unity Desktop
  • pure WebGL 1.0/2.0 with this books: Build your own 2D Game Engine and WebGL Programming Guide
  • pure OpenGL 3+ in C++/GLFW, C#/OpenTK, Java (LWJGL3), and Python/GLFW. It help me learning WebGL because many book and tutorial about OpenGL

I use two languages for web: JavaScriptES5 and TypeScript. I study TDD (Test-Driven Development) and Unit Testing for writing specs using Jasmine Mock framwork.

I want to write some simple multiplayer games like Snake or Battle City using and TDD.

This is my achievement. I connected Unit WebGL Client and Unity Windows Client with Heroku by I wrote simple server in TypeScript that just send "hello, world" and counter for clients.

You can test it if you want:

I study this tutorial: Unity Multiplayer Game Development with Node | Pluralsight

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If you have a questions you can publish your Phaser/TypeScript examples on Playground to demonstrate your problem or to demonstrate your feature. I use Plunker. You can publish your example that contains a few files.

This is the first example from the "Discover Phaser" book that animates Phaser Logo by rotating:

You can fork and use it. Now you know how to publish your TypeScript multi files examples on Playground.

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