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Phaser 3 performance

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Performance is relative to what you are doing. Every framework has expensive method calls, but the developer, Rich, has done a lot to reduce the amount of expensive calls available to the users.

As far as Phaser's general overhead, it is very small. If you are looking for good performance and know how to avoid poor programming pitfalls, then Phaser is definitely a good choice. You should also take the time to look into AudioSprites and Texture Atlases, as they will further improve the performance of your game(s). 

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I have not seen one between Phaser-like HTML5 game frameworks. Most of the ones I have seen have been between things like Construct, Game Maker Studio, etc. Also, Phaser just came out with a major version update earlier this year so most anything you would find online now would likely be comparing an outdated version of Phaser.

It wouldn't be that hard to make some tests, though. Most of the ones I have seen are just empty rooms that drop a ton of sprite balls with physics on them so they bounce on each other. Making something like that would also give you a chance to see how the engine basics are between several frameworks to check which coding and design styles work best for you. And if you did put the resulting demos up on a website, I am sure it would get some traffic and some kudos ;)

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