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First person wizarding puzzle game

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29 minutes ago, b10b said:

Interesting concept and goal.  I was able to make my way through without issue (desktop Chrome).  Maybe consider larger drop areas on the UI and penalties for guesswork?

oh I think you are right, I'm also thinking in a different version that doesn't have them at all, that works a little different.

Awesome, thank!


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I think I made it through but it felt like it froze at the end. The music kept playing though. Really like the mechanic; the movement itself feels VERY fluid aside from some rendering glitches if you move too fast/bump into walls. 

I was able to bumble my way through from like 25% - 90% but hitting random keys; could prevent that with level design or an invisible wall. Cool concept , thanks for sharing.


Also, you may want to consider using runes/archaic looking symbolism though geometry definitely does add to the mystical feel :)

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Play-tested using Chrome on MacOS Mojave.

The game functioned well, and is great demonstration of what Three.js can do for browser gaming. I did notice that you can get through the level by only solving the puzzles for the doors, as they are the only obstacles that prevent the player from advancing. I'd also add a bit more to the lighting in a few parts to increase the visibility for the player.

Overall it seems to have a lot of potential; Good Luck!

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