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Hi Guys,

Recently I found two games from Okijin Games
with a nice vfx. Take a look:



When two pieces connects, the texture become one with a cool animated inner-glow.



In this game, the same effect but with a different approach.

When you "cut" a piece, the game creates two pieces with the same cool animated inner-glow and different background in each piece.

My doubt is...

1 - How to do this cool animated inner-glow in vanilla javascript?
2 - How to cut and join objects in a game?

The links for the videos:

Thanks for all and I'm sorry for my bad english! :-)
Until more,

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On 1/11/2019 at 4:31 AM, Antriel said:

Might be best to ask the man himself, pinging @OkijinGames. :)

He did write this about it though:


Thanks @Antriel ! :-)

I saw the link that you do not understand very well. Waiting for help from them!

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