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Hi all!



Over the past week I came up with this fun idea for a simple free arcade game. I was hoping I could get some feedback!

The triangles flow down the screen and you have to press left,down and/or right arrow keys on your keyboard when in the hollow triangles at the bottom of the screen. The longer you go the faster and harder it will get. Similar to guitar hero you have an excitement meter which fills when you hit triangles and drop when you miss. Which the game is over when your excitement meter has been depleted. You also get higher multipliers with longer streaks.

As the speed changes over time and the game is designed to eventually become impossible, the notes can't be in beat to the music unlike guitar hero etc. Though that being said the background does react to the music!

Also please let me know what you think. is it too hard? What would you change? All suggestions welcome.



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Played using Chrome on MacOS Mojave.

Good overall design, although I would allow for a bit more margin for error initially. I found it VERY difficult to get the timing correct using keyboard controls to get farther than a few seconds into the game.

Perhaps allowing for a very easy progression at the start, or an initial tutorial mode to let the player learn the timing would help. At the moment, it's hard to test whether I'm just really bad at it or if the timing within the game itself is off.

Otherwise, the gameplay was smooth for both the graphics and sound. It definitely has potential with an easier initial learning curve.

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Hi @ShrewdPixel

Thanks for your feedback! 

As the game speeds up and the triangles are generated at random it is impossible to make the them match the notes completely. Non the less I've tried to match the triangles to the BPM hopefully making it feel like it has better timing. That being said I've also made the key presses more forgiving giving a little more room for a delay or an early press.

The update is live:

Hopefully it's fixed some of your issues!

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