My New Game "Twisty Turtle" Feedback welcome

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Twisty Turtle:

Turtle easily beat the lightning quick Rabbit in their last footrace by being slow and steady. We all know that.

What you didn't know is that rabbit said: "OK Turtle, if you're so good at going slow and steady then you're going to need all you can muster for this course". And with that Turtleaccepted the challenge from his arch-nemesis Rabbit to get through this hairy-scary, twisty-turny course. ;-)





Thank you in advance if you give feedback   :)




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Nice game.Little help section with little info of game elements would be good to.

What phones have you checked the game ?

Thank you very much! We'll keep on trying our best. 
We're a 2 people small team and we don't have that money to buy more devices, hopefully we'll have our angels to support soon. 
Here's a list of what we've tested on:ipd(1\3)、iphone(4\4s\5)、nexus3、nexus4、galaxy s3、note2、sony z1、Nokia820、xiaomi1、Surface、Kindle Fire.
It looks fine from the feedback from Google Analytics, supported on IOS\Android\WindowsPhone8\Firefox OS.

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Really high level of polish.  Genuinely fun too, look forward to more!

The full version is already in our community. 
Welcome to for more cool games: props added, more levels, and fun rewards-- you may DIY your own Paper toys!

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