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Reflect the sprites in a sprite sheet?

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Is there a way to tell the AnimationManager that I want to flip certain frames? I have a spritesheet with a right-facing walk cycle. Must I duplicate the sprites and flip them to face left?



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Edit: Sorry apparently this was fixed in Phaser 2.0.1 :) My new problem is that any tileSprite I make ends up being sent to the top of the screen and I can't set it's x and y value o.o


Hi I try this and it does the job quite well, however I have no idea how to change the collision area of the sprite after setting anchor. Because if it is halved like that then the right side collision is way too long distance and the left side let's the collide come way too close (like half way into to the sprite).


Probably very obvious but I'm new to Phaser and game development in general o.o

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