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Garage Apocalypse is a survival, strategy game made for Dev Squad Jam. The theme was "One Room". 

In this game you need to balance between shooting zombies, keeping your doors reinforced and repairing car. When car is repaired up to 100% you can escape and you won the game.




Play it here

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This feels really well done. Interesting indicators, the artwork feels really cohesive and simple yet communicative of what needs to be communicated. That "Halfway Done" modal was oddly intrusive though, came out of nowhere and didn't really add much to the experience.

Everything felt really static though, just not really a lot of things to keep the user entertained while the actions are happening. It'd be nice if maybe the zombies banging had particle effects, or idk, things that made the world feel more alive. There's a good GDC video on this sort of thing

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