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Hyperactive Tennis

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Hyperactive Tennis

You play tennis in single player mode for one set with tie break.

There are four difficulty levels: ROOKIE for training, PRO, "NO. 1" and LEGEND for the real challenge.

Game is keyboard only:

Return: Menu select/Next screen
Arrow keys: Menu navigation, running around
B: Back to title screen
"C": Hit ball
X: Lob     

The levels ROOKIE, PRO, "NO. 1" and LEGEND are selected with left/right arrow keys.

The key "C" hits the ball. The game automatically selects service, normal stroke, volley and smash.

The key "X" plays a lob.

Have fun. Requires some practice though. Made with emscripten.

Direct link:

Game homepage:



Edited by schubi
Added a fourth level, LEGEND.

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In order to beat the computer you have to use the forehand shot a lot.  It took quite a while to figure out.

I would like to see a "Super Pro" level where the computer learns from the player and then mixes things up.   Well done!

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Thanks for your suggestions.

Just to note: New version 0.11. Found a sign misplaced in equations. Effect is now CPU calculates height of ball above net correctly in  judging shot possibilities which causes it to make net hits less often.


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Even less bugs 🙂

Now added version history at end of the game homepage. Will give notice here when significant improvement.

0.10: Initial version.
0.11: Now correct ball over net height calculation in cpu evaluating shot opportunities (misplaced sign in equations).  Effect: cpu hits net less often.
0.12: Fixed point counting when missing service (reproduce in old version: service, throw ball, at highest point hit, miss, wrong score).
0.13: Detect cpu service out (code was there but was not enabled. Since most of cpu services are in this was not obvious). After enabling fixed point counting when cpu service out.

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New version 0.20.

Added a new level "NO. 1" and lob should be better controllable now.

See the fixes/changes end of gamepage. If you experience any regressions in gameplay please notify. 

For me gameplay is finished now.

Hint: If you have not used the lob until now, for "NO. 1" you need it.

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