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There are many options.  Easiest of which is the generic Leaderboard functions ("setScoreAsync") - by posting scores the platform will often let other Connected Players know.  For custom messages the "updateAsync" method offers decent control.  If the Player is in a Context (group play) this works really well, but I'm unsure if this works at all if the Player is Solo?  Then there is the old school "shareAsync" method.  However, since the recent Facebook beatdown, this method is crippled - for example it's no longer possible to pre-populate the message!?!  You may still be able to attach a custom image generated from the game as a sort of workaround - but it will require the Player to type a message and make the post.  Lastly you have Bots, subscribing, custom backend, proactive pushes, etc ... but that's probably overkill and can't reach outside of your subscribed Players.

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