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PanoPuzzle - a 360 panoramic puzzle game

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Panopuzzle is a tile rotation puzzle game you can play from inside a 360 panorama and it is live here:  panopuzzle

If you own an Oculus Go or another VR headset - there is also a immersive VR version which runs via WebVR in the standard Go browser under https://panopuzzle.created-by.me/VR.html


It runs in pretty much any browser on a mobile phone, a tablet or desktop computer.
You can move your device or drag the image with the mouse/finger to look around.
Tap/click a tile will rotate it - your preferred rotation direction can be set in the settings (rotating gear in the left bottom)

At the left top is the "Zoom out" option which changes the panorama to an outside view like that


No matter if you are zoomed in or out you can (within limits) zoom in/out the normal way (mouse wheel,  mouse middle click and move or two finger pinch)

The tile counter at the top can be switched on or off depending on how difficult you want to make it for yourself.
You can also switch on a hint system which will highlight one wrong tile at a time - sometimes quite useful to find those last two ones
Click "Zoom in" at the left top to "go into" the panorama again.
All settings are kept so to switch off the hints again in the next level you need to do that via the settings.
Once all the tiles are correct you can progress to the next level by pressing "Next" on the right top - or replay the level on a different setting (easy, normal, hard)


There are 22 levels of real world and fractal panoramas with tile numbers ranging from 44 tiles to 132 tiles

Have fun and let me know what you think.
Also if there are any problems, ideas, improvements.... send me an email to panopuzzle at gmail.com



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