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Dynamic centered text button can only be dragged on the left half.

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I am starting my first little game with Phaser and it's not going entirely smooth :D. I need to display a button with a word (dynamic text and size) , center it, and make it draggable. What I liked about Phaser is that there were tons of shortcuts and lab examples to do things quickly. So I tried to keep my code so concise as possible.

These three problems took most of my time.

  • Center the text in a button ( which is a graphic )
  • Putting these in a container and centering the container.
  • Dragging the container.

I would love to solve the first two simply by using setOrigin, or Phaser.Display.Align. But that wasn't so simple, it didn't work or I did not understand it enough. So I manually calculated those now. 

I was hoping someone could explain why the other attempts didn't work. 

But the remaining problem is now that only the left side of the button is draggable. Is this a phaser bug, or have I implemented this wrong. 

I made a fiddle with all my attempts. I commented the failed attempts.

I hope the rest of the game will take less time, hopefully can someone point me what I did wrong so I can learn from this.

kind regards.


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