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Hello, I need help making a game for ROBLOX, I have ideas for it, the issues are is that I lack the skills necessary for game development currently, and would love people to collaborate with me. If you are familiar with ROBLOX, you probably know the studio is very limited to what it can do, and what I currently have is very simplified structure ideas done at the moment. And my goal is to make the game as realistic possible, different from the usual bricky avatars that are currently in place. Somewhat similar to this game’s accurate design :

I am a fast learner, and help would be appreciated.

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@nataliahero yes, Roblox is pretty decent once a good workflow is established.  Studio is great for what it is, but for larger projects or multi developer teams works best when coupled with external tooling (e.g. Rojo).  Have you tried to find collaborators in the Roblox community?

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Nice game there,  Check PM Please. 

On 5/10/2019 at 1:03 PM, nataliahero said:

I’ve tried everything, even paying people to do the job, but they instead blamed me for not being able to do it, or ditched me. It’s such a task to find reliable people at all. I appreciate the reply.


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