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@tallops same here... Gamedistribution.com  did not pay me money for 5 months (from January)!

@Gamedistribution.com is company which steals money from publishers!

@gamedistribution.com just lie and lie and steals money from publishers on their fraudulent fund Azerion

Don't believe Gamedistribution, they are the top scammers! Turkish based scammers Erol Ertürk and Reha Biçer from GD...

They need a lawsuit against their company.




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On 5/16/2019 at 5:10 AM, tallops said:


Although the payment exceeds the minimum payment amount is not paid for 5 months. 

Hi Tallops,

We have a minimum of 100 euro that needs to be made for Bank paymnt before we can pay out
Thats why no earlier payments have been made in earlier months, but I see your setting is paypal so this should not apply.
I have asked the finance team to correct this and add your payment in the next round asap.

I hope that clears things up for you.
Kind regards,

The GD team

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On 5/22/2019 at 10:01 AM, GameDistribution Support said:

Hi Bestgames,

Can you send us an email so we can assist you with this?
Non of our systems show that you are not paid, so it seems you might be mistaken and we would like to clear that up for you.

Kind regards,

The GD team

Your systems don't show it because you do not pay 4 months in a row, which you also have in your fraudulent conditions and terms. Your company earnings each month millions euros, but developers and publishers must wait  3 - 4 months to payout? And what about yours fund Azerion?  Yes, money are payout to bank accounts on Azerion! Haha @gamedistribution.com

Gamedistribution drives and funding ONLY your fund Azerion and developers ONLY makes money to Azerion investments and Azerion shareholders.

@gamedistribution.com This is ridicilious!

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On 5/29/2019 at 11:07 PM, tallops said:

Payment Completed. Thanks. 

The payment was completed possible because you must write them 5 times in a row. And, Yes you can wait another 3-4 months to another payout with same complications. Don't trust them, Gamedistribution only lies and looks like a SCAM and fraudlent company.

@gamedistribution.com This is ridicilious! Just your excuses! Same excuses each month: problems with payout systems, accountant didn't come to work, and more and more..

Only their excuses, but the Gamedistibution basis is take a money and funding Azerion with millions euro monthly to new investments and payout for shareholders in millions of euros.

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I am an ordinary publisher and waiting for the first payment from GD for the fourth month:) The amount is small, but... I already wrote them several times.

First response from them: "Within 60 days after the end of the preceding month, you will receive your revenue share with respect to that month."
Second: "As your invoice reaches the amount in April, so your payment will be done on July acc. to our Terms and Conditions. Please check again later in July"
I write them again at the beginning of July, here is their answer:
"Normally the payment will be done at the end of the month"
I wrote them twice on July 31, but I never received a response.
August 1, I received a response ""So sorry for the late getting back to you. This morning we had a team meeting and we just finished it, and start our daily routine tasks.
For your issue regarding payment, our manage is still having a meeting with Finance about this. Once we hear any updates from the management, we will be more than happy to let you know.""

Maybe will have to wait a few months until Finance Team solve my problem 😁

Here is such a wonderful company:) So, think before you start working with them.

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