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Should I buy multiple devices to test my games?

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21 hours ago, BunBoiii said:

Should I buy multiple apple and android phones/tablets or can I get away with using some sort of environment/simulator to test my games in?

You will benefit from having a range of devices (but a diminishing return per device).  A lot can be done virtually these days (especially for HTML5 which is increasingly consistent imo) but the "oddities" usually only show up on the physical device.  Having the issue "in hand" can make finding the fix faster - and ultimately developer time should be worth more than the cost of a device.  That equation comes down to a good business model, and sensible budgets ...

Some tips to reduce costs:  Encourage members of the team (or friends and family) to get different personal devices.  Supplemental devices can be bought from reliable reconditioned suppliers (there are specialists on Ebay).  Study the uptake of devices and spend your money on where the market share is or will be (not was) - which is mostly older devices.  A high end latest device might seem essential, but resist the temptation - it'll have lower market share than the same flagship from 1 or 2 years ago (which are a LOT cheaper).  Having a high-end and a low-end device for Android and iOS is probably a minimum (but one can be a tablet and one a phone).  Remember things move forwards, review your collection annually (which means spending an annual budget), and be prepared to cull older devices rather than support them indefinitely.  Recycle appropriately.  Make LOTS more money from selling your games than you spend on devices!  And consider outsourcing all the testing and QA when you achieve a major hit :)

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Seems to be a legit idea because if something works well on one device, it doesn't mean that it will work properly on another one. Of course there are some simple things like this website with yellowstone webcam for example and it will basically work everywhere but more complex things can cause problems.

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