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WebGL renderer for android devices causes bad performance

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Hello all!
I tested my game to some android devices(renderer is set to Phaser.AUTO which finds webgl support and using webgl as renderer), and the performance is really bad, if i swtich the rendering to Canvas, it starts to be much better. Is it safe to detect with uaparser devices, which OS is Android and IOS and use Canvas as renderer?I mean are there a android devices which will fail with canvas ?

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Hey all!
I switched from Phaser CE 2.7.8 to Phaser 2.6.2 and the performance is solid 60 fps. 
I will attach two screenshot on webgl profiling , with Phaser CE 2.7.8 and Phaser 2.6.2 , you can see that the Commands in Phaser 2.6.2 are less with half than Phaser CE 2.7.8
Someone has  a explanation to this ?

This is Phaser 2.6.2

webgl 2.6.2 record.PNG

This is Phaser CE 2.7.8

webgl 2.7.8 record.PNG


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Above v2.6.2, Phaser2 was plagued with performance issues.  Amongst other things, the renderer handled multitexture, which even when when not using MT had to do just a bit more work anyway.

I tried CE once but reverted back to 2.6.2, as did many.  It was a shame as CE had a lot of updates and fixes.  A lot of the fixes could be merged into 2.6.2 though.

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