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High-end game art cost (examples)

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Have you worked with high-end 2d artists or maybe you are one? Can you please share information on the cost of a full set of assets for the game? I understand that the price range is large and that most often artists work on an hourly basis, but I would like to at least roughly understand the order of numbers.
Here are some examples of what kind of art I'm talking about:

Thanks :)

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Why not ask or look around on the freelance sites? You could even inform on Fiverr (this site has it's prices increased around 3 times a few years ago, but there are definitely pros out there). 

I'm not working as a paid artist, but having a background in graphics, I can tell you that a full set like the ones you linked to is going to cost you thousands. Plus pre-work, and after-work (concepting and tweaking).

Also, what your asking is basically undefinable. Which set do you want it to look like, how much of it, and even then each artist is going to have its own hourly rate.

You should probably contact the artists instead of other way around.

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