Space shooter : Free to use prototype

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This prototype has a ship selector.
Each scheme is random. The goal is to fill the blue bar by killing the mothership. When our ship  collide with enemies we loose energy (red bar).
You have to tap on the screen (or click with the mouse on the game area) and the ship will try to join the selected point (till you maintain active the area with the mouse or your finger) shooting in the same direction.
The enemies, when killed, release some stuff to recover the energy.
To create a new level you only need to fullfill the transparency of the file Grigliato_20x20_V2.xcf with black blocks (the game will replace the black blocks with random sprites), see the Map files for examples.
You can use my script as you want, they are free. If you use this prototype for commercial purpose, please, change the
graphic/music/fx assets I’ve used (these are Opengameart’s assets (, for the credits see the Prototypes HUB section).
Please, let me know if you use my scripts, thanks.

Play it online:

Download the sorce code:

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