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Idle Quest Rebirth

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    Hey everyone, this will be a bit weird. 

 So I am more of a creative director more then anything and I wouldn't even call me that. The most I have made is a Kaizo hack for SMW. I have been trying to learn some basics with Lua, ruby and python for years now and understand the idea and the dictionary but have never grasp when and where to use them. 

 So why am I here? Well I want to make something basic, to keep me distracted and pass the time. I am in my 20's and have been stuck in the Philippines for about a year now... things aren't looking good and I am in a waiting period hoping to get home. I wont get to into it but need a distraction. 

 I don't want someone to code anything or work for this little project just help enough for me to get it done. On to the idea.

There once was a game called Idle Quest I use to play back in 2006. The site that hosted is was shut down and the game went with it. It was a idle game, true idle. 

 It consisted of a map made in ASCII style. Similar to classic rogues. You would click on areas of the map, each had information on hover like suggested level and possible random loot. You would click and idle. No sprites just a black box white text character sheet on the side and a log showing you random events, loot, battles etc. That's all. You go to sleep and your character either died or you leveled and got loot. Equipment was automatically changed out did not matter if it was worse or better, you found it and it equipped. it was up to you when you should leave and idle somewhere else.

 I want to recreate this but with my flare. When it comes to sprite design, world and story. I already did all that. Sprite work, ideas, level design, assets. That's my strong suit. It putting it together and making it work. 

 I will be making this on wix. I have made game guides and website on their before. (I use it because I don't know HTML5) 

Just some basic tips or tutorials would help on the following and I will work on trying to actually make it.

-Creating a list of text that will be randomly pulled per area. Like a list of random loot and enemies and events (just text) I assume this would also be if else style

 if enemy then this 

 else keep pulling from list

I would also assume this would have to be separated by each. Items would have to automatically replace equipped items every time

events would have to have a separate table of random things. 

-Figuring out the math, ( I don't want to make it to complicated with multiple stats effecting speed and all that) I figured Level would be the only factor in victory or death. like a if else/ true false style.

The more I write the more I think that this is much more complicated then I thought. I guess I will stop here and if you want to discuss it more or help me in anyway just reply and I can make a discord or something.


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Oh it wont be called Idle Quest, I posted that just in case anyone else remembers that game. It will be called Momento'Mori and take place in the Victorian era. It is actually more based on a table top rpg I wrote with the same name.The assets I made, story, equipment names, icons took inspiration from the french movie Brotherhood of the wolf, Bloodborne, The wizardy series, a indi game called witch hunter as well as dungeons & dragons. 

I want the website itself to be more then an idle game. I will make a forum and chat room for Roll playing the actual table top game I made while Idling. 

(I can handle all that. My pathetic wix skills have got pretty good over the years.)

If you are interested in the table top game message me, would love for it to gain some ground so maybe it can be a real thing one day and not just a big folder with the words "Players Handbook" on it.  

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Welcome to the forums @MrRitzy

This sounds like great fun, but, yes, you are correct, it is quite complicated. But, I do not want to discourage you! Nothing worthwhile was ever trivial, so great cracking on it!

You're going to need some javascript to make this all tick, so you'll have to make sure you have some skills there.

Once you have some JS skills (sounds like you probably already have at least some, maybe you're already very good) you're going to need to work out how to persist some data. As its idle people are going to leave the tab/browser hosting your page/s, so you're going to have to track where they were and when so that you can drop back in to the gameplay when the user returns. Local storage will probably get you where you need to go for this, so learn how to use that. If you need more than that then you'll have to get in to some sort of backend solution to store data, this is considerably harder but you may well enjoy that challenge too.

Sounds like you have made a real conscious effort to reduce your scope, great work! Keep it small, get it working. Once its working, keep building on it!

And very good luck to you with this project!

The community here is very active and very knowledgable, whenever you hit a roadblock keep posting here (and other places too, we're not the only oasis) and asking questions. Then, as you skill up, make sure you answer questions from others and help them to learn and grow too :) 

Good luck

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