Why this forum sucks:

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I have to criticize a couple of things:

  • Plaintext passwords: Passwords should never be transmitted in plaintext! Especially not when your domain clearly has a TLS certificate. Yet it's happening even when you're on the HTTPS page.
  • HTTP dy default: Almost all links on this site appear to be HTTP, leaking your cookies, making session hijacking child's play.
  • Using captchas during registration and then still requiring manual moderator approval: Super annoying.

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I noticed there''s a lot of spam posts on this forum as well. My first post had to be approved, I don't know how other spammers get away with putting links in their comment.

Also, yes, a SSL certificate is the least to be expected.

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This site has had an SSL cert since day 1. No idea why it wasn't active since the latest upgrade, but I've re-enabled it, so it's SSL by default again.

All 'spammers' are verified exactly the same way as everyone else. They just didn't spam in their first post.

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