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Deal of the Day 50% off my OReilly HTML5 Canvas Book 2nd edition

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Hey guys, just a quick note that O'Reilly released the 2nd edition of our HTML5 Canvas book today and is giving 50% off of the digital editions if you use the offer code DEAL.


I know that most of you don't need this, but it does include A LOT of new game content. Tile-based scrolling, A*, Box2D, Pixel Perfect Collisions, etc.  Every chapter has been re-written from the original edition to add in new content and remove older content.  For example, we used to have a chapter on Phone Gap, but we removed it to focus on mobile canvas games using the full screen scaling that we learned from YOU GUYS!!!  Anyway, if you are in need, or know someone who is, send them this offer link:






Jeff Fulton



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