Cave of Cenbeald

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Welcome to the forums @esocane

If that is your first attempt, I can't wait to see what your tenth will look like, they were great! Well done! (edit: oops, misread, not necessarily your first attempt, they're great games though anyways!)

I have some feedback (I played caves and oakwoods):

* Map is great, I missed it in caves

* Level gen felt more structured and less random in Oakwoods, I don't know if this is intentional or just coincidence. Random level gen is ok, but, its gets old really quick for players, there are some good techniques out there to help structure a level such that you can get smarter about placement of enemies and items etc i.e. if you have a 'room' mechanic (even if the level looks open it can still have 'rooms') then you can calculate how many rooms must be traversed from the spawn point (stairs etc) to give you a heuristic on how 'deep' in to a level a player is, stick the best goodies in there, with the harder enemies etc etc

* Why do I have to clear a level before proceeding? Let me make the decision if I want to proceed, rather than go on a bug hunt to find the last monster left. If you really want me to hang around, make me find a static item, a key, for example, in order to proceed. This is particularly annoying in your case as defeating enemies gives you nothing, which is a fine mechanic, but not when you are forced to kill them all i.e. once I've found all items in a level all there is no incentive for me to clear enemies as each battle only drains my health. Use the first few levels to explain to the player that they can not return to a previous level, and then let them choose if they want to explore fully and gather all items, or speed run it deeper.

* I really like the simplified armour/weapon system with upgrades rather than introduce a load of junk items and inventory management (which can be fun, but its sometimes nice to not have to deal with it). Cardinal Quest 2 does not have inventory management (really) either and that works well. Maybe you could work out a way that upgrades 'look' like new weapons, to add a bit of variety but not change the upgrade mechanic. It's a nice feeling to get a new bit of kit, even if a +1 would work just as well, a new Crystal Sword of Ultimate Power feels nice, even if its just a +1 or +2 on your current Dark Mace of Doom.

* The 'fog', or limited visibility, worked great. 'Peeking' round corners felt good, and 'filling in diagonal walls' was great, although, on that last point, you could 'see' through diagonals. This is fine when your walls are trees (in Oakwood) but not so great when they are genuine walls (Caves), although, I didn't see it as getting in the way, it just isn't quite correct.

I can't add a screenshot so I'll try and explain a bit better:

~ ~ ~ _
~ # # _
~ # P _
_ _ # _
_ _ ~ _

~ is not visible, _ is visible floor, # is wall, P is player.

In this case, the player can peek around the wall (right and up) but should not be able to see diagonally (bottom-left), but, the top-left wall should be filled even though its a diagonal its feels correct to fill it with visible wall, although, maybe you should leave it blank as if you fill it immediately the player has a clue about where floor and where wall is, even though they can not actually see it.

* I found a way to wait by clicking the tile I'm currently on, this is a bit annoying as I was using keyboard navigation so a keyboard shortcut (is there one? I couldn't find one) to wait would be handy. Waiting is really important in this type of game to help you get enemies where you want them.

* You should really check on the device pixel ratio to make sure you support 2x and even 3x screens. Most screens are now retina/hd. Everything is blurry for me on a 2x (retina) screen.

* I really liked how you stripped down a 'classic' roguelike to be simpler. I reckon that even in its current form you could wrap that up for mobile devices and throw it on app/google stores and make a little bit of $$$ if you wanted to. I think you've done a fantastic job!

* I liked the style, it feels like a classic roguelike and the simple 2-step animations helped, good use of palette. I don't agree with the font choice though (the comic one, Bangers), doesn't fit with the old-school graphical style, and didn't fit with the monospace font used in some places.

* You're logging an array to the console (in Caves at least). Not that it matters much but you probably shouldn't be.

I think they feel like really solid games.

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Thank you @mattstyles for checking them out.

And your feedback is great and really helpful, small changes that can make a difference.

The 'wait' command unfortunately did't think to add it, but will at next version.

The annoying stuff will be taken care too.

As for the attack/armor upgrates it's something I want to change, but with a simple inventory system, weapons with names would be cool.


thanks again, I will post new versions here

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i love it man! feels like old Tibia, and thats the good thing!


only I dont understand why would you choose mouse movement and mouse-click based attack instead of attacking system like in Tibia, and arrows or WASD movement. its not pleasant to constantlyclick ur mouse like that  and to not be limited to any atk speed stat (in tibia you sellect enemy once and attack once per second or something)


How you made it??

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Hi @youdontknowtillyouknow thanks for checking the game.

I added various ways to move

Arrow keys (for old-fashioned like me), wasd, and mouse.

Attack occurs when you step on enemy.  If you want to follow the development you may want to follow the facebook page


I used pure javascript. That's because I started with simple thinks in the beginning, and I don't know if "Fog of war" is supported from any game framework. For this type of game, the canvas api was enough.

I choose to generate the maps on the backend with php, with the thinking that generators will get too bulky to load on javascript, although that may cause me a problem if I try to make it playable offline.

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