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Open-source Backend for your games | authoritarian gameplay, real-time multiplayer and many more

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Hello everybody!


I want to share a Goblin Base Server - an open-source scalable backend based on Node.js, offers:

  • Profiles persisting
  • Cloud functions
  • Real-time multiplayer

and many more


Preamble. It was developed for about 3 years for internal use of my studio - a PvP card battlers, PvP tower defense and many more games with various PvP mechanics along with simple match-3 games. After some time studio changed direction towards casual & hyper-casual and backend was doomed to be thrown into a trash can. To prevent it I and few of my colleagues adopted the technology(with the consent of all parties of course) and open-sourced it. Now it represents a stack for rapid building of backends for games & apps.

Also as far, as it has zero funding, we offer paid support and managed cloud.

Check out demo game made with Phaser 3 here:

Get the server itself from here:

Also, we have a ready-to-use javascript SDK:

Learn how to deploy it at DigitalOcean from this blog post:


Hope it will be useful.

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