May games with Facebook instant games be published in other hosts?

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I know we have to implement a specific Facebook SDK in order to be listed in its instant games. 

But are we allowed to spread this game (with the Facebook Instant Games implemented) all around the internet or we must first remove the SDK?


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Also I'd recommend any game intended for FB IG is specially designed for that particular audience and that particular SDK - i.e. play to the strengths of the platform, or don't play at all.  So think about social competition, social messaging, social calls to action, bot interactions, tradeables - make all design decisions inherently multiplayer, asynchronous and viral - think of the game as an unfolding "conversation" (or tic tac toe on roids).  Such a design is likely not going to work off-platform because there is no (easy) social graph to bind such a "conversation" together.

Better yet is to find multiple platforms where the same social paradigms apply, then spread the risk (as being entirely reliant on any single proprietary platform isn't smart business). Therefore some abstraction in the implementation is wisest and can, theoretically, achieve the goal of spreading the game around the "internet".

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