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@Danidre as far as he accepts to iframe your game (and its source code is uglyfied and minified).. but I  think you would be better off if you're selling non-exclusive licenses of your game. That would be more profitable to you.

If you prefer to earn revenue share from ads, its better to you to distribute your game through the big distribution networks, because they potentially will put your game in many portals.

But bear in mind that:

1 - selling non-exclusive licenses is better for you as well as to whole game developers community because it will keep the price of games at a healthy level (I'm considering you wouldn't sell your game for very low price. It would lower median prices of the games).

2 - revenue share is a way of devaluate the game development market. Why will someone pay say $500 for a game if he/she can have thousands of games literally for free?

For free? Yes, for free. Ads revenue will be paid only if your game was played and generated enough money to split you may earn something. Otherwise, you loose money. 

Why should you take the risk? You did what was your role: developed the game. You already invested time and money making it and also took your share of risk. Which risk? The risk no one wanted to buy it so you would have to start from zero to develop a new game on your own expenses.

Those who liked your game should invest the money by licensing it and take the risk themselves. If the game were a flop or a success, is the risk portals have to take.

3 - No one can assure you that your game will have millions of game plays. No one. Neither distribution networks nor single site owners. If someone assure it to you, he/she is lying to you.

4 - Even if your game make little money with revenue ads it doesn't mean you will receive it. The revenue share deals always have NET30, NET60, NET90 and a minimum payout. Even though there are cases that late payments happen.

Think about it: if someone was sure he/she would make a lot of money from your game, why would they share it with you?  Does he / she have a charitable soul?

Who makes the money with revenue share? Distribution networks make the most money.  In second place, portal owners (portal owners may not earn anything but they also don't loose a cent).

Are they wrong? No, they're not. They're making a living. We, game developers, are wrong by accepting practices that devaluate us.

I'm seeing HTML5 game developers doing the same mistakes Flash game developers made in the past.  In the finals years of Flash it was too hard to make money with games because Flash developers themselves devaluated their market.

At the end, it's in your hands to decide what's better for you. 


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@plicatibu as of now, I have no idea how to license games yet, and am currently researching incorporating ads (google ads are a no go)

But yeah I knew the risk with minimum payouts for ads. 😕

Well, for not I'll keep my own game,I guess. There's not much I can do in terms of monetizing yet.


But thank you very much for the advice! 😁

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When you pick a distribution network they will provide you their API in order to add ads.

You can use as many distribution networks as you wish, but I'd recommend you 

Gamemonetize and Gamedistribution.

Regarding selling non-exclusive licenses, Read all posts in Sponsors and Portals section. It will be very instructive. And after that, if you still have doubts, post them in the forum.



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