Verge3D 2.17 for Blender and 3ds Max is Out

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We are happy to finalize this year efforts by another release! The 2.17 update brings many Blender integration improvements including the possibility to create anisotropic materials, a Windows installer, range sliders for post-effects with real-time preview, CSS colors support in Puzzles, various WebXR/VR updates, and the QR code generator for publishing. Besides, a new long-awaited demo has been completed by this date and included in this release. Enjoy!


Seeing much interest from jewelers, we decided to create a new application to demonstrate how Verge3D can help this industry. This demo shows off the latest development advancements and has the following features:

  • 11 ring designs loaded at user request, coming with 5 shapes each
  • 5 ring curvatures
  • selection of 3 metals, 7 gems, and 4 pearls
  • switch between single and multiple gems
  • text engraving based on user input with 5 different fonts
  • bloom effect and real-time refraction for the gem material
  • hand-made HTML UI scripted with Puzzles (no JavaScript used)
  • mobile layout
  • 6x-8x compression for all assets for quick loading


Many thousands of possible combinations and custom engraving ensure that the client will obtain a unique ring. You can try out this configurator yourself by following this link or clicking on the image below.

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On 12/30/2019 at 5:59 PM, plicatibu said:

I went to the link and played a bit customizing a ring  but I failed to find its price and how to order it.

Yes, there's no that thing. This application demonstrates a possibilities of engene in graphics and new some new features, so to not overcolplicate it I decide not to include price calculations in it. For price calculations you can look at another aplication from our site, for example Recliner Configurator.

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