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Publish and monetize web games on PacoGames

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I will allow you publish and monetize your web-based games on my gaming website PacoGames.com.

Basic information:

  • There is possible to submit your game for free from any source (your hosting / some game distribution service)
  • Automated process of publishing (games are published with your thumbnails and text after a quick check)
  • games can be monetized with in-game ads, IAP, affiliate...
  • games are published under developer's account - developer has label "developer" in comments. He receives notifications about reported bugs etc.
  • Players can follow the developer and receives news related his games
  • Check Publishing games on PacoGames for more information
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There is over 1M monthly active users processing over 2M monthly visits, generating over 8M monthly gameplays.

Revenue depends primarily on gameplay and secondarily on the type of monetization, used ads, frequency, CPMs.
If you are interested for real CPMs in web games, some are available at https://developers.gamearter.com/cpm/ (for last 6 months)

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Any game, there are only some limitations, such as excessive violence in the games, publishing bought kits without any added value, etc
Published games have to be made for playing by players, not for other reasons such as redirecting players to other websites through misleading links, however, outgoing links are enabled

For more reasons, every game requires an approval from our side. If we decide to do not publish it, the developer is informed about the reason why we decided to not publish his game. We can reject e.g. bad games or copyhats of other already published games.

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Oh, that's a really nice idea. But if you want to monetize your web-based games, you should use some additional soft, I think. I suppose that you can find a lot of benefits of using CRM software. If you don't see the perspectives in it, you can try to use salesforce crm consulting services, they will definitely help you in it. Wish you good luck in evolving

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