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MMO-RTS armygrid soon going to beta

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https://kongregate.com/games/mansimas/armygrid (Kongregate published, PC-only)

https://armygrid.online (website, playable with phone)


Is soon going to beta. Will appear now in ArmorGames. They have finally accepted the game as a good quality HTML5 cross-browser game.

The game is still under everyday's development by 1 developer having full time job :) But it goes good and as planned.

Alpha version - from 2019 April released on Kongregate. Has ~40.000 registrations after 8 months, 58000+ sessions.

Beta version - from 2020 ~July will be released on ArmorGames. 


The game is about the Chess Reality in a grid-based world. Player controls a castle and deploys chess figures to manually conquer as many grid tiles as he can by making strategies to destroy defensive towers and walls, kill PvP and PvE based enemy Chess. Each Chess represents an army inside of it. So, Chess = army. The stronger Chess, the bigger army is inside of it, reaching up to 7000 units. Players can watch (if he wants) every single army fight he ever had and share the fights. The game has also almost everything any single MMO-RTS has, also, MMO-RPG, Tower defense game genres mix. This MMO-RTS has no energy system and can be played without limits as any MMO-RPG.

Some strongest players have more than 15000 Fields conquered, played actively (server is counting every active minute) for 20.000+ minutes, played for 6+ months everyday. It gets really addictive for some players. This game has still no end and enough content. Currently, quite burried in the Kongregate games list, as Kongregate MMO games sort not from newest by default, but by highest rating. After release to ArmorGames, the game will be in the first page for like ~2 years, as the MMO games there are sorted from the newest.




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