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A status update on WebTransport and WebCodecs:

- The creation of a WebTransport Working Group is under review at W3C until end of July 2020. The group would be tasked to standardize the WebTransport API.

- The shape of the WebCodecs API is actively being discussed in the WICG/web-codecs GitHub repository, including discussions such as whether to follow WHATWG Streams (current approach is to rather decouple WebCodecs from Streams), or whether to have a synchronous option for encoding/decoding.

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No JVM server implementations yet, would love to see this in netty. Languages like C, GO and Python have implementations for the drafts already.

Some more information here I found useful

I'm super excited for QUIC, streams especially for unordered data to replace websockets. Feels like I have to wait for a long time to see it in the JVM though.

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