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Crate Pusher - A 3D Sokoban Clone

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Here is another puzzle game I made before. Crate Pusher is a 3D clone of Sokoban and includes the original 90 levels. A head up display styled map helps keeping overview in the labyrinth.


If you don't know the concept: A number of crates are located in a labyrinth. A level must be solved by pushing the boxes to target positions. It is only possible to push but not pull the crates so boxes in a corner cannot be moved anymore. You need to plan the sequence and path of moving to solve the level.

The 3D view creates an additional challenge to the original game as the player must memorize the structure of the labyrinth too.


It works on desktop as well as mobile devices.

It can be played on my website

I have created this game before as downloadable java game and in this project I turned it into a HTML5 / javascript version to learn about WebGL. No external libraries have been used.

I appreciate any comments.

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I loaded it up on my tablet.  The 3d view of the maze came up but I could not do anything.  I tapped all over the screen and nothing moved.  Then a coloured grid appeared overlaid but I had no effect on tapping that either.


Sorry.  Otherwise the 3d scene is neat enough. 

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Thanks for trying it out. Did you read the manual below the game area? Double tapping brings up the grid with the map as you have seen. Moving is done by a drag (or swipe?) gesture to the left/right/front/back (i.e. hold on screen, move finger for a specific threshold and lift the finger).

I am not a great gamer on touchscreen devices so I am not familiar how you would best implement a moving that I would normally implement with cursor keys. If you suggest a more natural way of moving on touch screens I might change it.


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