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can I convert a TilingSprite to Sprite2D?

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hi, in recent days, I am following the website demo to learn the projection plugin, when I convert a TilingSprite to Sprite2D, it will cause an error(uvs is null), but Sprite is ok, is it a bug?


const app = new PIXI.Application({ backgroundColor: 0x1099bb });

const w = app.screen.width / 2; 
const h = app.screen.height / 2;

function createSquare(x, y) {
    const square = new PIXI.Sprite(PIXI.Texture.WHITE);    
    square.position.set(x, y);
    return square;

const squares = [
    createSquare(w - 150, h - 150),
    createSquare(w + 150, h - 150),
    createSquare(w + 150, h + 150),
    createSquare(w - 150, h + 150),

const quad = => s.position);

const tilingSprite = PIXI.TilingSprite.from("examples/assets/flowerTop.png",200,200);
tilingSprite.convertTo2d();   //convertTo2d,tilingSpite throw an error, Spite is ok

squares.forEach((s) => { app.stage.addChild(s); });
tilingSprite.proj.mapSprite(tilingSprite, quad);



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OK, lets see..

pixi-projection is experimental plugin, here: .

Here's Sprite2d:

Here's convertTo2d:

Conclusion: its not a bug. Its just no one coded it.

it seems that there's no function there for TilingSprite, and I'm too lazy to implement it, you're the first one who needs TilingSprite to be converted, so you have three options:

1. dont use convertion

2. clone the repo, add the case into convertion, build it, use in your project. Maybe even make a PR.

3. wait if I make it .. next month maybe? I dont have much free coding time now for my 10 pixi plugins :)


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