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Fighting Game Hitboxes implementation

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I'm currently trying to make an adventure/fighting game. So far I have the player character programmed to move around, jump, attack, etc. Right now I am contemplating on how to implement hitboxes for my attack animations. Would creating an empty/invisible sprite in a so called hitbox group and attaching it to my player character when it attack be a good idea?

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Hey Kyran.

I was creating an RPG a couple of months ago and I had the same question about hitboxes.

What I did on my case, was to Create a container. Inside that container I would have 2 sprites, my player sprite, and my sword Sprite. The sword Sprite had no physical "body" until the atack was finished. And I had to be careful to call it one time per atack animation, that is a problem i had to deal with.

I only implemented the atack to the right side, but you will get the Idea.

    function atack()
        atackInterval = [];
        if (sprite.list[1].anims.currentAnim.key.includes('atk')) {
            atackInterval[0] = setInterval(() =>

                sprite.list[1].body.setSize(16, 16);
                sprite.list[1].body.setOffset(50, 24);

            }, 500);
            atackInterval[1] = setInterval(() =>

            }, 1000);

I had to detect only the sword Sprite collision with the enemies group.

Take a closer look at the player.setColliderStatus(false) that prevents the hitbox to be called several times.

	// Adiciona um Listener de colisões entre a espada e o inimigo.
		function(p, e) {

			// Muda o status de colisão para falso para colidir apenas 1 vez
			// Verifica se o HP do inimigo chegou a 0
			if (e.enemy.getHp() - player.getStrength() > 0) {
				e.enemy.setHp(e.enemy.getHp() - player.getStrength());
			} else {
				// Zera o HP.
				// Se o HP do Inimigo Zerar ele destroi o inimigo.
		function() {
			// Se retornar falso não realiza colisão, isso previne que a função acima seja chamada multiplas vezes seguidas.
			return player.getColliderStatus();

I hope it helps you.


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