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Forestry Games are illegally selling HTML5 games - check to see if yours are in their shop

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Hi all,

If you produce HTML5 games for media clients, or have released them yourselves, then you may want check they haven't been ripped off and are now illegally for sale by these little shits:


(I link to their site only so you can hopefully contact your clients and issue DMCAs against them)

They even have the nerve to slightly change game titles and logos, so they don't look completely stolen, yet they are.



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On 4/22/2020 at 3:50 AM, Vlados said:

Is there any other store that sells licences for games of similar type (games inspired by movies)?
(I mean games which contains media content of movie companies (graphics, sound, story...) without violating copyright.)

Unless you are dealing with the licensor (or an agent of the licensor) then such a store would likely be in breach of licensor rights (different rules in different territories).  So "buying" such an item may be a falsehood, risking penalty and service interruption.  Avoid this unless their is clear evidence the license owner is granting a permission to share downstream - it is your responsibility to check things sold are as described.

Beyond this, certainly the volume of games featuring recognisable IP (e.g. Marvel, Disney, Nintendo) is greater than the "official" line up.  Some are fan games, some are exploitation, but some are properly licensed.  It is uncertain whether the corresponding brand managers fully know which are official or not, given time moves forwards and the turn-over of product and personnel is ever growing.  Many would simply say, unless it's on their website or app store channel, it's not legitimate.  Enforcement remains a challenge - takedown notices require compliance, so ... as is always the case ... only the honest follow the rules / business is a game of trust and value creation.

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