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Hi all and good day!

13 days ago started with new project and would like to share some stuff with you :)

It's not completely from scratch, but took some base from my prev game DatTank [].

How it looked 13 days ago

How it looks today [melee attacking sys example]

Would like to know if it would be interesting for somebody to read through some details in some articles or thms like this.

Uh, and would be awesome to get some feedback :)

Thx for your attention!

ps: If you want to get quick updates from me follow on


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Finished with putting new map in to the game + towers and lots improvements.

Made small Map-Tour video, take in count that map is really 'raw' at the moment and will contain lots of elements in future :)

Happy to hear any kind of feedback!



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On 5/14/2020 at 4:57 PM, RealGamer said:

Where can we test it ?

Hey! Not just yet :) but maybe in a month!

Btw, new video of towers [health / being hit by players and etc].



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After severals iterations of development managed to add
1. New landscape with water and elevation support.

2. Updated UI to support small screens [including mobile!]
3. Some characters are updated to something more interesting :)

Check it out and I would be happy to hear any feedback :)





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