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Puzzle Astronauts Game - PixiJs

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I am developing a unique but really simple puzzle game that consist in just put all the players (astronauts) in the goal squares at the same time.

Rules: All astronauts move at once.

NOTE: Only puzzle games lovers would enjoy this game, so if you aren't, you can skip seeing it:). Some levels could be really challenging.

Here it is: https://llpujol.itch.io/puzzle-astronauts

Comments & improve suggestions are welcomed:),

Hope someone could enjoy it:)





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On 6/5/2020 at 3:02 PM, Nagval333 said:

Agree with Zealot, cool puzzle game!

P.S Interesting to see other players progress/records, maybe some kind of total score (total stars you got or time etc) leaderboard will be a good addition.

Yeah this sounds great. I was thinking about giving some money reward for the first users to reach the maximum score, or a big reward for the first to achieve it (because I asure you it is not easy), so a big reward maybe would make sense. For example 150€ for the first one to complete all levels with the minimum movements and 50€ for the first one to complete the levels, but just thinking about it for now:). I would like to know your thoughts about it @Nagval333, maybe this way I could attract more users to play the game

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