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which game engine is best ??

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I highly recommend you try Construct 3

about other game engine


Phaser 2 or 3, it is free, more tutorial, but it is little bit confuse, different tutorial teacher have different code style

I think Phaser is only suitable for html5 2D Game and user will spend a lot of time to learn 3rd party tools to export to other platfom (e.g.

for Level Map - Tiled
for code obfuscation- webpack,
for Mobile Export - phonegap, cordova
for physics- Matter.js,Texture Packer ,etc
for multiplayer - Socket , Nodejs etc.......)
phaser is easy to learn. but 3rd party tools/ programming is hard.
the mobile device performance/fps is slow when your game is complex.


Not Free:

Construct 2 or 3 are pretty good.

much faster in c3 develop and export to mobile is very easy, easy to add Admob and in-app-purchase plugin to your game, it is not free, but you can save more time


Panda2 - I think is my favorite HTML5 game engine, code is clean ,consistency ,easy to learn and export to web and mobile very easy. But it hasn't been updated for a long time, grownth very very slow slow slow slow slow slow slow slow slow, I think the creator enpu will give up Panda engine

So my choice is Construct 3


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I agree with @BillyKane above. Construct 3 hands down! It's an amazing engine and with new features and bug fixes regularly - very much worth the price. It's very easy to use and hugely speeds up gamedev.

I also really like Panda 2. @enpu did an amazing job on it! However, the engine hardly ever gets updated and there is very little communication :(

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Asking "What's the best game engine" it's like asking "What's the best video camera" or "What's the best car", there are too many variables to have a general answer to that question -- it depends on what you want to do with it. Let's assume someone asks that question because he is new in the field, he wants to start working on some games and wants to use "the best"; some important things that he should decide before starting would then be:
- what type of game he wants to make (game genre - FPS, RPG, RTS, arcade, platformer...)
- what is the scope/size of the game (how many levels/characters/weapons/power-ups)
- what is the budget of the game (some game engines can be quite pricey)
- what are the target platforms (PC/Steam, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, consoles... - not all game engines may support the chosen platform)
- how fast should the game be done? And, as part of this question, does the development team have any prior experience with a certain engine? How easy would it be to learn a new engine?

A game engine is just a tool. And to pick the right tool for the job, you have to know the job first.

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