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Do the older devices support WebGL?

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I'm polishing my first prototypes and obviously the frame rate is lower.

I could use webGL but I don't want to have problems with older devices like Iphone 3GS, Ipad, Galaxy S...


Do you use WebGL?

Will your games work in so old systems?



I just try my Android Stock Browser and doesn't support WebGL :(

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Thanks to everyone, I will keep WebGL out of my mind.


If I may suggest, you can think about WebGL but put it a little far on the roadmap. For example, finish the Canvas rendering engine in a generic manner that allows WebGL to adapt, add some game features, then when everything is battle tested for a complete game, you finally add WebGL renderer.


This is important since it is not long until WebGL becomes a standard or anything else like WebGL, because Canvas can't do 3D stuff like WebGL unless you really hack it. For me Canvas is like software rendering at the old times where games are finally using DirectX/OpenGL.


I believe pixi.js has done all this for you, if you want an 3rd party rendering engine.

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