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Gamemonetize vs Gamedistribution: My REAL experience

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Hi friends, I started working with these two companies at the same time, same games, same sdk. Both are very different and here I will tell you about my experience, I hope it will be useful to you as yours has served me.

I uploaded to both platforms 2 games with more than 50 million players for a week, in Gamemonetize I am going to work a long time, in Gamedistribution today I closed the account and deleted my games.

* In Gamemonetize is Katie, sweet, kind, decisive, quick to respond, my experience is unbeatable.
* In Gamedistribution is Marco, it takes a long time to respond and the first few times I had to speak to his boss to make him do it, he is kind but tries to defend how indefensible his company's lousy service is.

* Gamemonetize spread my games through many small portals that cannot buy licenses nor have the platform for income distribution, it is exactly the public that needed to reach.

* Gamedistribution did not spread my games anywhere, only their own games stand out.

I cannot give the exact numbers for legal reasons but I will try to be very clear.

* Gamemonetize: The two games in one week live generated around $ 10 a day, I want to clarify that the first day live gave a great boost exceeding $ 20, around $ 80 in total / week.

* Gamedistribution: In approximately the same time the games generated $ 0.03 in total, between 0.00 and 0.01 a day between the two games.

Games approval:

* Gamemonetize: Almost immediately, a couple of hours.
* Gamedistribution: Several days and I had to put a lot of pressure on the bosses, it is not enough just to send the game to the team that is in charge of it.

I hope this works for you, any private question that you have is welcome

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Hi, i just want to let you guys know that i have a game published on game monetize.com.

It is for now the only website that i use for monetization so i can not compare with othet websites.

I think it is ok. Sometimes it takes some time to answer but they do answer me.

I did liked the way they republished my game after i send a mail that the gamr didnt do that well.

Now it is a little better but not  that really make solid money with it. But ok it is a small arcade game so i dont expect like millions of views or sth...

Yesterday it suddenly started to have more viewerq but it suddenly stopped now, oh well a little bit but not large amount. 

How does that come? Can it be that Because of the newsletters? Or do you guys have stable amoùnt of people?


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Seems was a server problem, they restored the content from an old backup. They contact me and restore it my account, thanks a lot Gamemonetize.com.


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Backup and server problem
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16 hours ago, Mircea said:

I uploaded 5 games to gamemonetize and before you arrive to 30 $ to request the payment they cancel your account.

You can see my links to the games through my website link:


And they don't respond to mails. Losing your time, you should sell your games on codecanyon or other .


This is a common problem. They have lost data on their servers. The old backup is now there. It looks like all accounts are down.

If anyone has any information, they will once be able to restore everything that is lost, then let us all know.

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