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I'm about to start creating a little game and I'm considering using createJS.


I see that there are Haxe externs files and Typescript definitions files for these libraries.




What would be the advantages of choosing one above the other? 

Both Haxe and Typescriot are easier languages to work with than Javascript.

What would you choose? Pure javascript, haxe or typescript?


Are there other things to be concerned about?



I currently use Phaser, Construct 2 and PandaJS for my client work but I'm trying to use createjs for little projects.

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I personally didn't like createJS too much. It tries to mimic flash API (quite successfully tbh), but there were some weird bugs and things I didnt like as no AABB hittests.

Now I'm trying Flambe and so far it looks better for a dev like me who doesn't want to hassle around with lower level stuff.


From what I said above, it's apparent I would choose Haxe. Especially if you don't have much experience with javascript. My first project was Haxe + createjs and I didn't have any problems with that.

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I personally like TypeScript. It feels like home for me as AS3 developer.


And as for createJS, I made this game for learning https://github.com/goldenratio/shape-shooter it was a nice experience. And again it felt like home because of Flash like APIs  


I had to move to pixi.js just becasue of webGL support (loving it), but it seems createJS now supports webGL too.

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now I'm new to javascript ( 5 months part time self taught).

I held off any framework as I wanted to learn the basics first off.

I've done attendance register report systems using php mysql etc.

And javascript to start with, did my head in, compared to php.


Createjs got me started straight away with stuff I'd been struggling with for ages.


I'm still 'new' so open to any framework - not promoting. But Tweenjs (part of createjs).


is soooo easy and independent of the other libraries. I'd never 'tweened' anything in my

life, neither with AS nor js - then with Tweenjs I got carried away with this example in

one day . Sorry bit over the top -  it's all chained ie. getTween.example {(go here . at this speed . relaxing into this place .

then . bounce . overhere . thenoverthere. in a rubberysortofway)} You get the picture.




Tweenjs = http://www.createjs.com/#!/TweenJS


Js ain't that bad I've decided - but the raw variety is best left to the whizkids who create the frameworks.


I tried without a framework and my brain looked like one of those unpleasant things you see first

thing in the morning with a hangover.

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We primarily use CreateJS and Coffeescript at work. CreateJS was chosen because we had a LOT of simple little Flash games to move over to HTML, and the API was pretty consistent. For my personal projects, I'm moving over to PIXI.js and my own game logic. I find that CreateJS carries too much baggage with it, unless you're porting Flash content over, or want to use Flash to create content...

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