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[noEngine] Tower Defense

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Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a lot of open source projects on my GitHub, including games that uses ML and GA as their mechanic. To be a 100% honest, none of them made me any kind of money. I did not developed them for the money, but sure it would keep me motivated to publish new projects. Anyway, I'm abou to finish a Tower Defense game that I plan to release soon, but with this one I'll try to make some money. What would you say is the best whey to monetize a HTML5 games? I tought about embedding it on a executable and try to sell for a few bucks on and android. What do you think?

download (7).png

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congrats on your progress so far. The automatic level generation is very impressive. 

Your plan sounds good. You can also consider selling the game and source on code canyon if u don’t want to worry about finding an audience urself. 

I hear game portals like crazy games can also be okay but it seems like it’s hard to get ur games noticed on those platforms cos they have a billion other games. We are in the early stages of our platform but we are looking for casual games and classic board games for now (see post on my profile). 

Keep up the great work. Best of luck!

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